At Little Kings and Queens we follow the CREATIVE CURRICULUM. We are a play-based program, in which children are free to decide how they will spend their time. It is our strong belief that children learn as they play and interact with their environment. Literacy, math, science and art are the core learning concepts woven throughout the curriculum; utilizing the basic principle that learning and development occur when young children interact with the environment and people around them. We believe young children initiate most of the activities required for learning and development. It is our responsibility as educators to guide and facilitate this dynamic process.

Each day, teachers prepare a supportive environment with a variety of activity choices. Teachers are there to support learning and to observe and make note of the choices which children make. Those observations are the basis for developing ongoing curriculum from week to week. In this way, activities and environments are a direct reflection of the children and teachers who spend their days in each classroom in the Center.

At Little Kings and Queens, we provide a relaxed pace, with a balance maintained between indoor and outdoor-time, quiet-time and active-time, individual or small group activity and larger group occasions. Teachers plan activities during the day based on the interests of children in their groups, taking care to provide a variety of choices to meet individual needs within the group. A typical day includes lots of opportunities for growth and exploration. Your little one might spend time painting, playing with blocks, jumping rope, or digging on the playground. Of course, there’s always plenty of reading, word games and singing, all of which help lay the foundation for a good reader. Of course, the Infant Center works very hard to respect each baby’s individual schedule, allowing babies to eat, sleep, and play as their body dictates.

We do put special emphasis on the social aspects of our program. Little Kings and Queens is a great place to learn how to make friends, how to be a friend, and how to get individual needs met in a group setting. Each day provides opportunities to participate in large and small group activities. Many of our children establish friendships here, over a period of several years, which they continue to enjoy even after they have moved on to elementary school.

We also carefully plan our environment so that children can feel successful and comfortable enough to take risks as they are ready. While this occurs in different ways for infants and toddlers than it does for preschoolers, it is all toward the goal of helping children understand how they fit into this complex world.

Creative Curriculum