Where the discovery begins. The first years of life are filled with wondrous adventures and challenges for both children and parents. The Infant Room provides a caring, engaging, and dynamic atmosphere for infants to begin exploring their world. Each baby and their family is welcomed to the Center by our loving and highly experienced caregivers. Together, they work to meet the unique and individual needs of each child.The schedule varies as the room is on-demand. Eating, sleeping, and planned activity times are individualized. Each child is a unique individual with different needs, rhythms and rates of development. We make every effort to accommodate your requests and your baby's special needs. Parents are welcome to visit our room at any time and we have a breastfeeding friendly facility.

Interactions with each infant takes place in accordance with their own level of maturation and unique temperament. We provide a variety of activities including exercise and movement, songs and finger-plays (Itsy Bitsy Spider), fine and gross motor skills, language development, and more.  Our infant room is extremely sanitary, we require everyone to remove their shoes upon arrival into the infant classroom and hand washing, toys and furniture are disinfected multiple times during the day to help keep our babies happy and healthy!  

Infant Care