The Preschool program fosters learning and development in social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language. We have used our knowledge of how children develop and learn to create an environment in which children are safe and comfortable, and feel they belong. An effective learning environment also helps children develop independence and confidence as learners.

Our classrooms are learning environments that provide children with hands on experiences. Each area or center invites children to actively explore, investigate, experiment, share and play creatively with all materials. The classroom centers include: dramatic play, blocks, music and movement, manipulative toys and games, math, library and group time area, science, sand and water, art, writing and oral language & listening.

The physical environment sets the stage for learning and affects children's behavior. Our 'Circle time' learning environment provides daily opportunities for oral language, phonological awareness, alphabetic knowledge, number recognition, vocabulary knowledge, story comprehension, sign language, and "Show & Tell" (Thursdays) which includes a theme/topic.  Spanish is also integrated in our program!

 The daily schedule is well balanced and flexible which includes active and quiet times.  There are large group activities, small group activities and time to play alone or with others. It includes indoor and outdoor playtime and there are times for child-initiated and teacher-directed activities.The social atmosphere is created by having rules to guide behavior. The classroom provides opportunities for children to work together and cooperate. Our classrooms function as a community which helps children to relate positively to others and to resolve conflicts peacefully by using words to express their feelings.